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A Letter to Generation Z from Generation in Between X-Y

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The Generation Z that was borned after mid  90’s up to now, may be make their parents that of course Generation X will be very shocked. Generation X is always busy for their career and looking up for money. That’s why they will veru comfortable give the best gadget for their Gen Z children. It’s part of bribery because of money and career sucks up almost all their time.

This new Gen Z is of course very familiar with gadget, technology, more creative and fast learner and risk taker. But on the other side this newest generation have a very poor skill of social and interpersonal skills, because of most of their time was in online and virtual world.

I am as Generation in between, I try to be the bridge between Gen X and this Gen Z. Gen X may be just feeling happy that their children know internet so well, very techy because they don’t know much about the internet. They feel happy because their children always at home, and play with the gadget, but they don’t get the idea what’s on internet.

I always proud with Generation Z, some of them have a very wide visions about their career and  society. But sometime I’m also worried the rest are trapped in hallucination, because the impact of social media. They always look up Instagram Celebrity that got instant popularity, always look happy. They just travelling and attend party such as Paris Hilton or Kardashian family. I believe in every country there will be this kindof idols.

Then Generation Z start frustrated because they start thinking why my life not as happy as this influencers. When Generation Z inspired by this they also compete for update the same thing, show off your best travelling moment, branded and luxury products, pose in an instagrammable cafe etc etc. Everybody started posting their best moment, so the rest feel envy. It takes a lot of effort for that, they take thousands photo shoot just for one update, and another homework to edit the photos to make it perfect. This effort is just to impress their peers.

This will make the Generation Z as frustrated and mellow generation, since they believe it’s all true. The think all their friends are happy except themselves, but actually the one who update the photos also feel depressed because they try hard to make a great impressions, and waiting for likes, loves, and comments from their friends. It’s sound so funny but true!!!

Dearest my Generation Z friends, never feel ashamed with your life because what happen in social media is not the whole life of a person. They just pick the best moment of their life, they also feels the ups and down. But they don’t share the dark side, so you are not the only one….

Another thing that you as Generation Z should know is, when you are the influencers of among your friends. You name it; have more than 1 million followers in Instagram, more than 1 Million subscribers in Youtube. Please give your fans inspiration not only about your new bag, luxury hotels, dream destinations etc. You have the power that can move this peoples, why not inspire them do something positive, that change the society. I think it’s enough make them depressed and consume more and more. I know you were endorsed by the brand, but for your followers some of them don’t know it. You are paid by the brand, and don’t you feel guilty if it will make your fans become feel more and more worthless because they cannot have what you have

For my fellow Gen X, you should know your children may be have a better facilities and opportunities that you never got, and you try your best to provide that. On the other hand, you should understand they are not lucky with all of this. They have more pressure, especially peer pressure more than your generation from social media. Sometime they look good and fine, but you never know how depressed they are with peer pressure in social media. It’s time for discuss with them, empowering them how to filter information, and embrace their own happiness rather than compare with others. You should encourage them use this internet explore their passion, and to be the creator.


Tuhu Nugraha Dewanto

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Upnormals Pingfans

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