Why Indonesian Love Path?

The story of Path is very unique. This social media app was founded in San Fransisco USA, but in America mostly people don’t know it, even in ASEAN I think Path only popular in Indonesia. Why Indonesian love Path so much, even my Indonesian friends who stay in America or UK have this to connect with their Indonesian friend.

Path give you so many features for soft bragging

Indonesian such as other Asian people is a social people. One of their basic need is acknowledgement from the society especially their peers. You must admit Path has a lot of features that accommodate this needs. In path they will show you geo location, it will automatically update when you arrive to new cities. Even it will give update where you are comment from. This is something that very important for Indonesian people, especially who love travelling; because they need people know where they are, but no in the hardcore way.

Indonesian Make Path as Social Media for Inner Circle

The character of Indonesian netizens, they accept almost all Facebook friends request, even they don’t really know the people. This will be a trouble because they cannot be themselves, especially when you have different perspective on some issues. People started debate in Facebook, some people feel so tired with that.

Path caters this need, the social media for inner circle, who share the same values with them, so they can be themselves in Path. They don’t have to be worry about what his/her perception about their updates.  Path only limited your friends up to 500, before in the first launching it’s only for up to 150 friends.

Indonesian love to share their private life to others, even for small thing, and they also curious about what others do.

The features of Path such as what music you listen to, what movie you currently watch, or update when you sleep or wake up. This is something important as important as breaking news LOL. This is sound so simple but something that really matters for us to update.


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