5 Learning Point From Pre Workshop Short Course Startup Ecosystem Australia Awards Indonesia

Honestly, I feel so happy when I got the scholarship but after that, I feel so nervous I didn’t feel confident that I really deserve for this scholarship since I didn’t have a lot of experience compared to other participants on the list. They have more experienced and talented, but I always think positive and perceived it is the opportunity to learn.

This is some highlight of my learning point during 3 days pre-course program:

First, I have the opportunity for networking within the Indonesian startup ecosystem

There are 26 participants from different region and background. People from NGO specialized in accelerators, startup founders, coworking space, accelerator, corporate entrepreneurs program etc. It gives me more than what I can imagine.

It gives me a bigger perspective about the startup ecosystem that already established in Indonesia. It also gives me the opportunity to learn from their experiences, failures, success factors, challenges etc. I also can analyze what kind of competencies and characteristic of people involved in this industry.

This program also gives me the opportunity for networking and I already think many kinds of collaboration with them.

Second, It gave me new ideas for learning pedagogy and methodology

I love and inspire with the social contract at the beginning of our session. It gave us the opportunity for explaining our expectation in this workshop. The mentor listens carefully and wrote down and tried hard to fulfill this expectation. It gives me a lot of innovative ideas for my training and teaching class.

It also gives a more egalitarian and discussion-based learning, it encouraged everyone in the room to speak up their mind, and I also learned from other participants perspective.

Third, They created a safe environment for people sharing ideas and innovations

I am a very detail person in term of analyzing situations. I can see Carla so many time emphasize us not bullying any kind ideas even when we think that sound stupid. Another message is every one unique, so please respect it, and another message is about collaborations. She also encourages us by any means such as games to transfer that messages.

This thing sounds so simple, but give a great foundation for an excellent and comfortable learning experience to make sure everybody feel safe to share and interact with each other.

Fourth, agility and listening skills by the mentors and all the organizers

I can see they tried to capture all our expectations as much as possibles. I knew that Carla and Laki as the mentors always discuss before the sessions. They add some presentations based on their evaluation and input from the previous session.

I also admired they were also very welcomed for discussions such as on lunch and dinner. The experience that they shared gives me a lot of new ideas that I can execute soon.

Fifth, cool workshop content and experience

I must acknowledge that all the mentors from Flinders delivered great material based on what we needed. They had many experiences to shared from tips got funding to investors, business models, mentors, industry trends etc.All of this information honestly I found it new for me, and it enhanced my competencies and capacities in the industry.

I can’t wait for my experience in Australia to know more and experiencing directly the hype and energy of the startup ecosystem there.


Tuhu Nugraha

Digital Strategy Expert & Trainer

Dosen Pasca Sarjana London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta

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