6 Reasons I joined Short Course Startup Ecosystem by Austrlia Awards Indonesia

When I got the information on WhatsApp group about scholarship opportunity on the startup ecosystem. I said to myself, this is it!!! Something that I really need, and fit in with my future career plan. I really want to study overseas but I don’t want to take a long period, for example, my second master or doctoral. I know, I need to experience overseas study experience, but I can’t commit for a long time. I don’t want to build my career again start from zero if I take a long period of study.

This short courseduration and theme very relevant for me, that’s why I prepared my best to pursue this, I did my home works to research many things when I sent my applications, so I will get it. Then I got it!!! We just finished the first part of the short course in Bandung yesterday, a pre-workshopfor preparing and refocusing what we will do in Australia.

I will share a lot of articles about this program under the subcategory startup. This article I will share you first, why I want this. Everything for me must be started with WHY, so I know where I will go.

First, I want to travel to Australia

My first motivation when I know from my friend that she got a short course from Australia in Fashion, I think this is so cool, you cantravel and they will cover all the expense for you. Thenmy programwill be more tempting, because my friend only in Brisbane, and my program will visit 3 cities, Adelaide, Sidney, and Melbourne.

Second, cross-cultural understanding, you can’t just read it, you must experience it!!!

I teach the subject of International Business Communication in Digital Age in LSPR. This subject is about how you can understand cultural difference, and also the impact of technology in communicating with each other. I am so excited this short coursegives the opportunity for experiencing directly how to deal with people from Australia and turn out I got beyond more than my expectation because of our mentor in pre-workshop in Bandung. One is from Portuguese, and the other one stays so many years in Silicon Valley.

Third, retraining and reskilling myself to anticipate the future

I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2008, and now the industry already saturated. I don’t want to fight on the red ocean, quoted from W Chan Kim. I push myself always upgrade my skills and competencies. I have been the mentors of several startups before, but I think this is the right time to be more serious and have deeper knowledge about the industry and the ecosystem, so I will be a really competence mentors. I believe it’s not enough just read the book about startups, I must networking with the player in the ecosystem, and experiencing directly with collaboration projects etc.

Fourth, benchmarking and deeper knowledge of the startup ecosystem

Indonesian startup ecosystem is still in the infant phase, I need to know the bigger picture and the benchmark of the more mature ecosystem. I never go overseas to understand this ecosystem, so I believe this program will help me a lot to understand the bigger picture. Something that I think we still lack here, and what’s the opportunity that I can grab from that situation.

Fifth, contribute to accelerating the ecosystem

I think mystrong pointsare my diverse connection, and capability to see in a helicopter view. I hope with focusing on this two thing, I can push indirectly to accelerate the ecosystem. I have access to government and policymakers, I have access to industry players and also academic stakeholders. I want to connect them all, so they can collaborate and make a bigger impact. Someone mustbe the connector and the bridge for this, so it will boost the ecosystem.

Sixth, listen to outsiders perspective to grow faster and better

Listening skill is very important. I want to develop this one with listening to the perspective of other people outside Indonesia. about what happens here. I really appreciate the presentation on the second day of pre-workshop about the comparison between Indonesia and Australia startup ecosystem. Because if you are outside the ecosystem, you can see something that people inside it can’t see.This perspectives and inputs mean an opportunity for me to solve.


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