3 Important Point From Startup Ecosystem Workshop in 3 Cities in Australia

I have written my experience in Pre Workshop before in here and here. On 9-25 November, all the awardee finally went to Australia, visit Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. This is my overall highlight on what’s I got from this 2 weeks experience in Australia. I will write a more detail on the next articles of every topic that I put here.

First, new perspective and learning from other participants

I got a chance to understand more about another awardee profile in 2 weeks travel together. I really appreciate the organizers, who mix very diverse participants in term of background and also age. Some of them are still very young and talented, and some others are experts not only in the startup industry but also have quite long experience in big corporations.

Mostly the awardees are startup founders, but there are who come from incubators, mentors, corporate intrapreneur team, venture capital etc. Type of industries also very different, there are from travel, fishery, fintech, beauty etc. Actually, I learned a lot from their perspectives, experiences, knowledge etc. It’s also important for me, because of potential collaboration in the future.

Second, the mentoring session that gives me a broader perspective of the startup ecosystem

I apply for this short course because I want to know more about the industry. I am quite new in the startup ecosystem, but I want to know deeper. My previous experience mostly engages with a big corporation. The mentorship session give me a deeper understanding of startup because Australian ecosystem is more mature, and we met a lot of mentors that have experience not only in Australia market, some of them have more than 10 years experience in startup ecosystem in Europeand Silicon Valley.

This short course gives me the opportunity to ask some question that I have in my mind on how I can contribute to building the startup ecosystem in Indonesia, and also what kind of competencies that I must acquire if I want to be the mentor and advisor for startups.

Third, a networking session with many stakeholders in Australia

We have a lot of networking session. Some of the networking session was arranged by NVI (the organizer of our trip) and some session I arranged by myself because we have the flexibility of arranging our own meet up with someone that we think will be impactful and important for us. I was so happy when I can arrange a tour to WorkSmith, this is a coworking space and collaboration hub focus on F&B industries.

I think this kind of idea can be also implemented in Indonesia. I will encourage some of my network in Indonesia to do the same, and do a collaboration with WorkSmithbecause collaboration is the soul of the startup ecosystem.

That’s all for the first article, and I will elaborate more in the next articles.


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