SWOT Analysis of My Vision as Startups Mentor and Advisor

One of the assignment after short course Startup Ecosystem in Australia is making a Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) Analysis. I think this is very interesting, for mapping SWOT my vision as mentor and advisor.

Actually, this analysis based on my interpretation, observation, and analysis with a lot of stakeholders that I already met in Indonesia and Australia, the stakeholders are:

  1. Participants of the Startup Ecosystem short courseawardee
  2. Mentors and government official that I met in Australia
  3. Incubators officers that I met in Jakarta such as IDX Incubator, Indika Group etc
  4. Startup founders
  5. Presidents of Indonesian Fintech Association
  6. Media coverage on startup in Indonesia
  7. My college that dream to be startup founders
  8. My college academicians
  9. Startup founders that I have been mentoring

I tried to be honest with myself with this analysis, so I can map my value as an Advisor and Mentor for startup, below my analysis

My Strengths Points

  1. I am the one who understands Indonesian consumer behavior and unique characters not only quantitative data but also qualitative. I have been in digital marketing consultant since 2008, and I have been traveled and met with Indonesian from 33 of 34 provinces in Indonesia.
  2. I always come up with an innovative and crazy idea, sinceI got many awards in national or international scale for the campaign that my team built for our clients
  3. I am a visionary thinker, who can see what will happen in the future, and I always update myself with futurist thinkers all over the world.
  4. I have a unique experience as industry players and academicians, so I will be strong in theoretical frameworks, and how’s the challenge in the real industry
  5. I always update with the industry every day, I usefeedlyfor curating news and information of startups and digital industries
  6. I have diverse knowledge and experience across industry, and also across topics such as macroeconomy, politics, history, literature etc.
  7. I have a strong network across boundaries from government officers, academicians, industry players in many fields, and communities.
  8. I have a strong interpersonal and negotiation skill, that I always upgrade it every day
  9. I have been mentoring some startups business (digital and conventional) or corporate intrapreneurs, and sometimes become their angel investors
  10. Sharing knowledge and upgrading people is my passion
  11. I have published my best seller book in digital marketing

My Weaknesses Points

  1. I easily get bored with something routine, or I found it I don’t find it challenging anymore
  2. I involved with many projects and collaborations, sometime I will miss on something
  3. I am new players in startup industries, my career mostly in digital marketing. Many important stakeholders don’t know yet about me
  4. I need to upgrade my network with international players in the startup ecosystem
  5. I am not very good with numbers and quantitative research
  6. I am lack of experience starting and build a successful startup from the scratch
  7. Lack of deep knowledge and understanding in the startup ecosystem
  8. I am lack of knowledge on startup ecosystem across region and industry

Opportunity in The Industry

  1. My assumption when I involved with the communities so far, mostly the founders is under 35. It’s a big opportunity because they need advisors that have knowledge, wisdom, and network
  2. The ecosystem still growing, and I will riding the wave with the trend to be the leading and well-known persons in the industry
  3. Many conventional businesses just realized the must compete with the startup, and starting their transformation, and build their own incubators to survive
  4. The older generation with strong networks and capital don’t have any idea about the startups and digital industries. It’s the opportunity I will be the middlemen.
  5. Campus start building their startup ecosystem, they start it with building their own startup incubators as the competitive advantage for their students and alumni
  6. Indonesian founders mostly starting their products not driven by solving a problem, but by features. They need someone who can guide them understand consumers need and problems, then creating the business models.
  7. Academicians don’t catch up with technology and startup industry
  8. Startup founders lack of understanding in digital marketing strategy, and most of them waste a lot of money for gaining traction.

Threat in The Industry

  1. Global Venture Capital will bring world-class mentors for their startup portfolios
  2. Startups founder don’t have the budget for paying professional mentors or advisors
  3. Current unicorn and high caliber startup founders will be the credible advisors and angel investors
  4. Academicians who do consistent research on startups or formal education in innovations and entrepreneurship will be another competitor in the future
  5. It’s very diverse topics, challenges, industries clusters that I can’t know everything deeply
  6. Startup founders now easily access world-class mentors and advisors through social media such as LinkedIn
  7. Startups can get a lot of knowledge through e-learning platform and social media
  8. There is platform that will help startup for anything that they need from data, social media content, consulting etc. It also equip with AI technology.

Any comment, or input for this analysis? Feel free give input through comment box. I will be more than happy to know about it.


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