Customer Persona: First Time Startup Founder

This profile is a fictive profile but based on many resources of data:

  1. Startup founder that I met from several years ago
  2. Secondary research through articles on the internet about the expectation of mentors
  3. My primary research data on startup founders need for mentors, I will write more details about it on other articles.

Andi, Male, 25 YO, Graduated from UI in Business

Personal Objective:

He wants to have a more flexible working hour, he can make something to change the world, and contribute something for a better world

Professional Objective:

He wants to be a successful businessman in Indonesia, the next unicorn that can expand to ASEAN Market.

Profile of Customer:

Andi just graduated from university 1 year ago. He created his own startup, without prior working experience. His startup is on B2B e-commerce targeting business who wants to promote their business through online platforms.

His aspiration as the rest of millennials, he wants to change and disrupt the world with his brilliant ideas. He creates this startup because he believes that this is a big opportunity to disrupt the current industries, and he has a passion for this industry.

He does a full-time job for his startups and joins many communities, incubator etc to sharpening his knowledge and also got the network to access the industries.


  1. He can’t connect with the stakeholders in the industry since he never works in this industry
  2. He joins with many communities and incubators but still can’t access the right person to help him connect with the industry
  3. The content in the incubator’s program too general and sometimes doesn’t relate to his industry
  4. He still confuses how to sharpening his business model, andhow to get the money that will disrupt the industry


  1. He can access and connect with industry players
  2. He got the insight what’s the pain on the industry right now, that he can disrupt with technology and innovation
  3. The alternative option of business models that he can experiment for his e-commerce
  4. Someone who can connect them with stakeholders in the ASEAN market

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