When in Rote & Kupang

It is a very hot and dry island almost all years long. But the friendliest local people that I ever met. Look like they always enjoy anything happen. I never feel alone although I did solo trip to...


The Exotic India

In the winter season, I visit southern India to know more about this country after 2011 I already visited the Northern part of this country. India is a chaotic but beautifully exotic. It’s not a...


My Life As A Trainer

My photos and documentations as trainer, I have various experiences for public and inhouse training, guest lecture in some campuses etc. I always want to be fashionable in every training session. I...


Get Lost in Kei

Kei is a very far far away and small island in Maluku. It’s like a fairy tale, small village with beautiful beach, the sand is very soft like baby powder. You won’t believe it until you...


A Brief Visit to Vietnam

I fall in love with this country especially Hanoi and Sa Pa. Hanoi is a chaotic and rustic but messily beautiful. Sa Pa is a place that I dreams of; exotic culture an people, beautiful landscape and...


Foto Myanmar

My trip to Myanmar especially Yangoon and Bagan is such a memorable moment. An authentic and original culture, it’s like you have a time machine and turn back time.